Constantly bombarded in this 24/7 digital first business world we we can easily become overwhelmed with a deluge of information. No longer is it hard to find information on what we need to know. The problem has become sorting out flood of information that comes at us from all sides when we go looking for it.

Michael Hyatt author of Platform Building, Getting Noticed in a Noise World, raised bar for me suggesting that each one of us has the responsibility to Forage for OUR Tribe. What does he mean by this and just who is our tribe?

Foraging means daily searching for good things for My Tribe

Being responsible adults we are actively engaged provide for our families, for our employers or clients, help our friends and be servants to community needs. Providing the very best for those we have responsibility to or influence is the for most desire, many times without thinking. Attempting to sort through information clutter and skillfully refine and distill information with clarity to our individual tribes is our daily mission we must all undertake.

The Resourse area included on this site is my attempt to Forage for MY Tribe—those who I influence in my business world

Who is YOUR tribe and how are YOU providing for them!

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