It’s proven that companies that play an active role in communicating with customers to keep them engaged and meet their needs are well on their way to achieving the prime objective of any customer retention program: customer loyalty!

So how can you do all of this and more? Utilize our relationship business marketing platform, which has been professionally crafted and tailored to enhance businesses just like yours with specific retention-minded tools.

Stop pitching and you’ll never have to sell again!

The last time you went to your mailbox – was it full of mass mailers and bills? How do you think your clients would feel about receiving a custom greeting card with a message written in your handwriting and signed by you?

Make business personal againWhen opportunity knocks, you’ll be prepared!

With the ease and simplicity of an automated campaign, you can set up reoccurring cards and gifts and schedule them to be sent when you’d like. If you take the time to think of your client on their birthday, anniversary, during the holidays or simply to remind them you are thankful for them, you will remain top of mind and increase customer loyalty.

Get the whole team involved!

With multi-user accounts, you can set up your team with their own sub-accounts so they can send cards and gifts, while you maintain control over the budget. This empowers your team to develop and maintain customer relationships and increase brand awareness, which will reflect in higher customer retention for you!

Time to celebrate!

There are so many reasons to connect throughout the year but when should you celebrate? Lucky for you, we’ve taken the guesswork out with a professionally designed 7-touch celebration campaign. We print, stuff, stamp and mail them for you while you sit back and focus on building your business relationships!

Rest easy with security!

The Business Relationship Platform allows you to save as many cards as you’d like, create an unlimited amount of campaigns and import all of your contacts into our secure contact management system.

Stay on top of your game!

Our Relationship Marketing Training Portal will teach you how to bridge the gap between high-tech and personal touch, help you discover and define your brand, become a pro at communicating with your customers and prospects, plus give you the ability to allow your staff to learn this invaluable approach to business building too!

Retention on a dime!

A variety of cards and gifts are offered to suit any budget. There are hundreds of gift offerings in the Gift Shop, so you’ll always have the perfect offering for any client in any industry.

For more information about how we can help develop a Relationship Marketing campaign or to get a FREE Evaluation, contact us today at 503-320-3953 or simply fill out the form below!

Your requests, comments and questions are always welcome.

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