Author’s Publishing Assistance

Assist and enable writers

Assisting writers to self-publish their book.

NOTEWORTHY CONSULTING’S mission is to assist and enable writers in the process of publishing their books professionally, quickly and economically. Depending on size and genre, books may be created to be available as print on demand and/or eBooks.

—Our goal is excellence, therefore if the Editorial or Graphic Director deems a book in need of additional editing, proofreading, or special handling the author(s) will be so advised. Work will commence once all parties have agreed on specific services contracted, and on a timetable for publication.

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Please study the steps and procedures outlined below.

Your care and attention to detail will move your publishing process forward accurately and efficiently.

  • Step 1 Submit a completed manuscript. Noteworthy will advise you regarding the condition of your text, as well as any illustrations or photos.
  • Step 2 Choose a publishing format and complete Noteworthy’s preliminary checklist of requested preparation and publication services: Editorial, Graphic and Formatting, as well as finished book version(s).
  • Step 3 Receive Noteworthy’s estimate of recommended services and costs.
  • Step 4 Decide on services needed and sign a contract. This includes an approximate schedule for completion and publication. Work begins once deposit is paid.

—Any time you have questions about your files, our services, or the timeline, Noteworthy is here to assist you every step of the way. Once your files are complete, we will either complete the process or advise you so that you can do so yourself.

—Consulting on a project’s general viability, potential target market, preparatory services, publishing format, and publishing process as follows:

  • Substantial edit
  • Line editing
  • Proofreading
  • Book Formatting: Print-on-Demand, eBook
  • Photo Preparation
  • Graphic Design
  • Cover Design
  • Website Creation & Design
  • Author Promotional Materials: Business Cards, Post Cards, Posters, Banners, etc.
  • Self-Publishing Assistence: Print-on-Demand, ebook 


  • Text Files: DOC or DOCX: Microsoft Word Document; RTF: Rich Text Format
  • Image Files (All image files will need to be previewed before acceptanced): Types :JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, PSD, AI, EPS
  • Resolution: Print—300 DPI @ 100% of final size; eBook/Web—72 DPI @ 100%

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